The Nude Polaroids
Shelley Adler and Brent McIntosh

30 August - 26 October, 2014

Following a discussion in 2006 about attitudes surrounding “the nude” in contemporary art, Shelley Adler and Brent McIntosh began The Nude Polaroid Project, as their attempt to document the human body.

Their efforts explored the different ways in which men and women view naked bodies, both male and female. In this project, Adler has photographed the male nude while McIntosh has photographed the female nude.

The two artists each have a longstanding affection for the soft-grain images captured through the Polaroid camera, which offers a special kind of warmth and colour. The un-cropped images in this show are high-resolution scans of Polaroid 600 photographs that have been generated as archival digital pigment prints.