Selected Media

About Time, Exhibition Catalogue
5 Questions, Interview by Ann Jaeger, Electric City Magazine, Sep 13
In The Galleries, by Murray Whyte, Toronto Star, Mar 9
Press Release – Women Painting Women, Exhibition at J. Cacciola Gallery, New York
Marshall McLuhan’s son on being raised a genius, by Joel Eastwood, Toronto Star, Mar 27
Installation video for Body Language, Nicholas Metivier Gallery, 2014
Interview with Shari Orenstein, by Artsync, 2013
Studio Visit by J Cacciola Gallery, Youtube video
60 Painters shows off Toronto’s dynamic artists, by Murray Whyte, Toronto Star, May 25
Shelley Adler: Picture Day, New Paintings 2012. A 46-page book available from
Putting a Good Face On It, Shelley Adler's paintings are anything but skin deep. The National Post, Feb 16
Going Out, Toronto Life, Feb
Book Cover – Calligraphy of Dreams, by Juan Marsé (Caligrafía de los sueños) 2011
Book Cover – Extraordinary Canadians – Marshall Mcluhan, by Douglas Coupland. Part of the Extraordinary Canadians series by Penguin Books, 2010
Book Cover – The Best Canadian Poetry 2009, published by Tightrope Books
Shelley Adler, Review by David Balzer, Eye Weekley, Mar 18
Shelley Adler’s Romantic Loneliness in Toronto, by Sharon Butler, Two Coats of Paint, Mar 14
Visual Arts Review, by Sarah Milroy, The Globe and Mail, Nov 22
Carte Blanche, Vol. 2: Painting, interview on Youtube
Carte Blanche, Vol. 2: Painting, 328-page book published by the Magenta Foundation, with a foreword by Jane Urquhart, and critical essay by Clint Roenish.
Character Study: Shelley Adler’s Empathetic Portraits in Paint, by Gillian MacKay, Canadian Art, Fall 2007 Vol 24 No 3
Highs and Lows at Art Basil Miami Beach, The Globe and Mail, Dec 15
Full Frontal, by Gary Michael Dault, The Globe and Mail, Sep 22
The blank faces of a quiet revolution, by Peter Goddard, Toronto Star, Mar 31
The Bliss of the Big Faces, by Gary Michael Dault, The Globe and Mail, Mar 25
Gallery Going, by Gary Michael Dault, The Globe and Mail, Feb 16
Mapping the Landscape of the Face, by Gary Michael Dault, The Globe and Mail, May 26